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The Iris’ Are Poking Through the Snow: It’s Time To Get Your Home Ready for Spring!


I know that there is nothing more exciting than seeing the first iris or daffodil poke through the snow or the first patch of green grass after a long winter covered in snow. The muck and the mud that follow are even welcome because they mean an end to the freezing temperatures, snow shovels and winter winds. Spring is one of the most magical times of year, especially in New England after the long winter’s hibernation. The air seems cleaner, the breeze gentle, the birds come back and sing their melodious song, the grass begins to grow and flowers bloom. In the midst of all of this wonder there is also a lot of work to be done.

Over the winter while the flowers slept under the snow and sleet and ice beat on the exterior of your home several repairs and cleaning tasks may have fallen by the wayside and the harsh weather may have caused a lot of damage to your home. Now that nature is waking up from its wintertime slumber it is time for you to get to work on those repairs and cleaning tasks you have been putting off!It’s Spring Cleaning Time Again- What to Do Inside of Your Home to Get Ready for SpringSpring cleaning is an age old tradition. That deep cleaning and clearing of clutter that happens just once a year. The world seems have woken up from a long slumber, the sun is brighter and suddenly you can see all the grime that has been collecting over the long winter months. The days are longer and you have more energy now to tackle all the tasks that you have been putting off for months. Here are some absolutely essential tasks to take on to spruce up your home for spring:

  • Change all indoor filters
  • Check and change smoke detector batteries
  • Clean all faucets and shower heads
  • Scrub your walls and baseboards
  • Clean all electrical outlets
  • Clean ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Dust your house thoroughly
  • Clean your dryer vent
  • Declutter your House

Its Finally Warm Out Time to Get Your Outdoor Spaces Ready for Spring

After your house and yard is dormant all winter under a thick layer of snow and exposed to the cruel elements it will mostly likely not look its best. There may be gutters full of fall leaves, peeling paint, or damage to siding and trim. Your house will need some definite sprucing up. This can be in the form of essential repairs like painting your trim, repairing roof shingles, replacing and repairing screens and sealing your windows against the hot rays of summer. It can also come in the form of more cosmetic repairs and renovations like painting your front door an exciting new color, shining the door knobs and latches and planting some beautiful new flowers and shrubs. Adding these practical and aesthetic changes to your home can give it just the pick me up it needs to spring into the new season!Check all these items off your cleaning and repair list for a house that is spring ready:

  • Check your gutters
  • Check and repair screens
  • Make sure all windows are sealed
  • Check and repair roof shingles
  • Check siding and trim for damage and wear and tear
  • Repair any damage to your roof or siding/trim
  • Prepare your gardens
  • Clean your outside furniture
  • Change outdoor light bulbs
  • Spice up your front door and add curb appeal
  • Sweep, clean and repair your walk way

Spring is an exciting time of year. It is a time of new beginnings, birth of flowers and baby animals, and a time that your house can have a type of rebirth as well. So get out into your garden and plant some new flowers. Paint your front door a brilliant shade of red. Then turn your attention and elbow grease to the interior of your house. Spring is a great time to open up your windows, enjoy the light breeze and the temperate weather while you dust, vacuum, change out those air and water filters and make your house sparkle like it was new!