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Not Just an Inspection, an Education

By on November 2, 2016 in

My husband and I have purchased nine homes over the past twenty years and always get a home inspection as part of the process. Because of referrals, we’ve always found good home inspectors but none has ever impressed us as much as John Voisine of Advanced Home Inspection. It wasn’t just an inspection; it was an education. Not only did John show us issues that could be problematic down the road, but also simple tips for keeping the infrastructure of our new home in top shape. He included safety information such as showing where water shut-offs were in case of an emergency and even included many photographs of what he’d pointed out so we could refer back to them long after the inspection was done. The resulting thorough inspection report with photos will be valuable for as long as we own this home. It’s benchmarked everything we need to know, or to provide to the next buyer!