With April Showers Comes Basement Flooding? Why You Need a Good Sump Pump


There is no worse feeling than stepping down into your basement and hearing, “swish, swish” under your feet. With New England’s ever quickly changing seasons, mountains or snow melt and furious April showers, it is absolutely essential to have a sump pump in your basement. No one wants to have to deal with the costly repairs and headaches of cleaning up a wet basement. Although there are some houses that will never experience moisture problems, they are the lucky few and far between. So, whether you have lived in your house for 20 years or are just buying a house there are a few things that you should look for that are signs that you need a sump pump:Signs That You Need a Sump Pump

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Is Radon Seeping into Your Home? The Silent Killer You Need to Know About.


I have bought and sold several houses in my lifetime, in several states and I never once remember having a radon test when I moved in or moved out. You may be in the same situation. Maybe you have never even heard of this radon and are wondering what the big deal is. Why would you need to worry about this? Quite simply, radon exposure can kill you and you may never know you have been exposed until it is too late. Radon exposure causes the second most cases of lung cancer in this country, second only to cigarette smoking. The difference is you may never even know that you have been inhaling small levels of radon for years, unless you take precautions and have your house tested and cleared of this gas.

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What Exactly Is a Beverly Jog?

As home inspectors, we are often confronted with architectural peculiarities on homes. Often times we are left wondering what we are looking at.

So today we came across a feature on a house in Francestown, New Hampshire known as “Beverly Jog.” I would describe the portion of the home as simply an addition to the original home with a shed roof. But upon researching the house, which is listed on the historic registry, I came to discover that the structure has a name.

A “Beverly Jog” as it is known, is pretty much as I described it. It’s an addition to a home. Usually for the purpose of providing a new interior staircase to an upper level floor. Often times, the structure is designed to have a similar roof and outer appearance to the rest of the home. But it undoubtedly juts out from the home, hence being called a “jog.”

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