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Buying or selling a house depends on the timely completion of all necessary inspections. And being satisfied with your home purchase long after the last box has been unpacked requires a home inspection that leaves no room for surprises.

Thanks to owner David Cassavaugh’s many years in general contracting and carpentry, AHI home-inspection reports reflect the expertise and thoroughness of someone who knows home construction first-hand.

Learn more about AHI’s home-inspection services (and see a sample home-inspection report).

I have known Dave Cassavaugh for quite a few years now, and I like how his calm demeanor makes my buyers feel comfortable and capable of making knowledgeable and informed decisions. He is compassionate and makes sure the buyers understand the process they are going through. Not knowing what to expect can be very stressful and intimidating, but Dave eliminates the fears associated with such a major purchase. As one of my clients told me, “I feel like he is my brother giving me advice, and I trust his knowledge.” – Cathy Cullinane, Vanessa Stone Real Estate

If you are pursuing home ownership through HUD’s Section 203(k) loan program, the AHI team can help make the process as smooth as possible. As with any real-estate transaction or construction project, more paperwork and steps are involved than most people realize when starting out!

Learn about AHI’s consultant services for helping navigate HUD 203(k) loan requirements and bank-, government-, and real-estate-owned property purchases.