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During COVID-19 we are doing everything we can to keep you safe. We have implemented a no-contact inspection order which means we will do inspections as normal but instead of meeting at the property, our inspector(s) will be the only ones on site. Thank you for your patience and stay safe.


One of the best ways to research a company is to hear customers describe their experiences. Read what our customers have to say about Advanced Home Inspection LLC:

Drama-Free, Thorough, Knowledgeable and Pleasant

Marie D.

David is a knowledgeable, thorough and pleasant home inspector. He answered my questions without drama or imperatives, which let me decide the value of the issues that arose. I enjoyed the process and will recommend him to my friends and colleagues. Thank you for the superior service.

Not Just an Inspection, an Education

Susan O., Dover

My husband and I have purchased nine homes over the past twenty years and always get a home inspection as part of the process. Because of referrals, we’ve always found good home inspectors but none has ever impressed us as much as John Voisine of Advanced Home Inspection. It wasn’t just an inspection; it was an education. Not only did John show us issues that could be problematic down the road, but also simple tips for keeping the infrastructure of our new home in top shape. He included safety information such as showing where water shut-offs were in case of an emergency and even included many photographs of what he’d pointed out so we could refer back to them long after the inspection was done. The resulting thorough inspection report with photos will be valuable for as long as we own this home. It’s benchmarked everything we need to know, or to provide to the next buyer!

Calm and Knowledge When You Need It Most

Cathy Cullinane, Vanessa Stone Real Estate, Enfield, New Hampshire

I have known Dave Cassavaugh for quite a few years now, and I like how his calm demeanor makes my buyers feel comfortable and capable of making knowledgeable and informed decisions. He is compassionate and makes sure the buyers understand the process they are going through. Not knowing what to expect can be very stressful and intimidating, but Dave eliminates the fears associated with such a major purchase. As one of my clients told me, “I feel like he is my brother giving me advice, and I trust his knowledge.”

Honest and Friendly

Theron H.

If you are looking for an honest, friendly assessment when purchasing your home, David Cassavaugh is your man. The knowledge he shared with me during my inspections could only have come from abundant experience in construction. He left me with an easy feeling about the major commitment I was about to take on with home ownership.

An Easy Task

Judith Richard, Perfect Choice Properties, Inc.

Recommending David Cassavaugh of Advanced Home Inspection is always an easy task for me. Dave makes the buyers feel extremely comfortable, his inspections are complete and very thorough, and his work ethic is above reproach.

Back Out? Quit? We Might Have…

Norm and Doris P.

Back out? Quit? We might have, if not for David Cassavaugh’s professional guidance in purchasing our HUD foreclosure with 203(k) financing. He has been “right there” cordially, patiently, and promptly assisting us in dealing with real estate and mortgage brokers and contractors and the myriad details of what would otherwise have been an overwhelming undertaking.

A Pleasant, Informative Experience

Ryan A.

We used Advanced Home Inspection for our recent home purchase. John’s team was very informative and made it a pleasant experience. We purchased an older home which was built in 1950, and received a through report on every aspect of the house. This included items that should be addressed right away, and items that could be addressed in the future. We truly appreciated their attention to detail and plan to use Advanced Home Inspection for any future home purchases!

David’s Team Did a Great Job

Rudy B.

I worked with David and his team twice in 2015 when they provided inspections and input on house purchases I was considering. I walked away from one and bought the other; their input was a critical factor in my decision. In each case, David or one of his colleagues came and inspected the property and gave input on not only what issues there might be but also the potential costs and possible solutions. Their construction backgrounds proved to be invaluable. I like that these guys are calm, thoughtful and reflective (and nice). They are not reactionary (or stand-offish) like some of the other home inspectors I have used in the past 20 years. I also appreciate the piece of mind with their 90-day warranty on their inspections. (Although, they are so thorough, I probably won’t need to make any claims.) Given the great experience I have had on the last two properties, I plan to use Advanced Home Inspection again as I acquire another property in the coming months.

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