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Is Your Chimney Naughty or Nice?

As we head into the holiday season and begin to prepare for the colder weather there is a very important question, we must ask ourselves. What would Santa say about the state of our chimney? Now, when you ask yourself this question, be sure to channel your inner child, the one that wouldn’t want to disappoint his watchful eye!

In all seriousness though, chimney safety is an important concern and one that often gets overlooked. Anyone living in a colder climate knows that winter weather often sneaks up on us before we are really ready for it. It is all too easy to start that first fire earlier than expected, all while forgetting to follow some routine safety steps.

Tips to Land Your Chimney on the Nice List

  • Start early! Make late summer plans to have your chimney inspected. It may be more difficult and possibly even more expensive to book a chimney sweep during the autumn season, when they are at their busiest.
  • If your chimney needs cleaned, schedule a chimney cleaning. Make sure to find out if the company your using is certified and insured.
  • Think about getting a chimney cap or hat to protect your recently cleaned chimney. A chimney cap will not only help keep out extra moisture and debris, but will help to keep critters out as well.

Maintaining Safety During the Winter Season

  • Utilize glass doors or a wire screen mesh to contain embers or flying sparks, even if your fire will be monitored.

  • Build smaller fires, using seasoned woods, a smaller fire with dryer wood will burn more completely and create less smoke.
  • Don’t burn cardboard or paper items in your fireplace and be sure to keep excess ash to a minimum!
  • Look into purchasing a stovepipe thermometer to help ensure fireplace temperatures remain safe.

Now that you’ve secured your chimney a place on the nice list, let’s keep it there! A clean and well-maintained chimney will not only increase fireplace safety, it will also improve air quality, and reduce residue build-up on your walls.

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