COVID-19 Notice

During COVID-19 we are doing everything we can to keep you safe. We have implemented a no-contact inspection order which means we will do inspections as normal but instead of meeting at the property, our inspector(s) will be the only ones on site. Thank you for your patience and stay safe.

How a Home Inspection Helped Me Battle a Bully

I know that the word bully conjures up visions of playground tyrants pushing down smaller children and stealing their lunch money, but the playground isn’t the only place these bullies can be found. When purchasing a house, especially in areas where viable home options are limited, which seems to be a growing concern in most areas these days, sellers can be more selective and assertive and, in our case, become a bully. See that pretty little brick house to your right? That is the house me and my partner bought last year. It was perfect for us and we actually happened to grab a showing and get our offer accepted! The seller listed the property for sale by owner. He created a flyer that came with his list of demands. Literally a full page with several lengthy paragraphs. Among those paragraphs were the words “AS IS”! Two scary little words, but what could be wrong with this house, I mean it was beautiful? As is or not we booked our home inspection based on recommendations from the realtor we had chosen to represent us.

What did the home inspection bring to light?

The home inspection came with a full report, complete with clear and helpful photos. We were willing to overlook most of it, however, the moisture under the house was a step too far. We were paying 8,000 over asking price, paying all closing costs (another demand), agreed to take on a few obvious repairs, but this was a whole new level. However, armed with photos and advice from our inspectors we were able to convince the seller, who initially refused, to have a vapor barrier installed and utilize dehumidifiers to bring the humidity levels down. If we had not had our home inspection the moisture would have gone unnoticed for who knows how long? I’m not a big fan of dark cobweb filled spaces and would have never ventured under there! There were also a few other notable finds, including some minor electrical repairs that could have become major fire safety concerns if not addressed. Plus, it wasn’t all bad, overall the inspection helped us feel at peace about our decision, the house we were purchasing though not perfect was a sound investment.

What I Learned

I would recommend a home inspection to anyone looking to buy a new property, whether it is a requirement or not. I would also recommend making sure that the inspector is insured. Crawling under houses and in attics carries risks, especially when the condition of the house is unknown. Ask your realtor for recommendations. Realtors get to see how home inspectors operate on a regular basis; they have inside knowledge most of us don’t have. I hope you never encounter a difficult seller or discover your dream home is in less than desirable condition, but if you do the home inspection may just save the day!

-Eleanor Emerson